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EBC Brakes
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EBC Brakes ecatalogue for Motorcycle Brakes - Click to view

EBC Brakes motorcycle brake pads are available in a choice of compounds to suit every riding style and price range.

EBC Brakes Organic FA Series Brake Pads

  • Ideal street bike pad
  • Eco friendly
  • Ideal replacement for either organic or sintered pads
  • Low dust compound which is kind to rotors
  • Made with Nucap NRS backing plate technology

Made in the UK these organic brake pads deliver fantastic stopping power to all road bikes and scooters. Over 40 million sets of these brake pads have been sold worldwide in the last 15 years. Backing plates are made using Nucap NRS technology which ensures there is no chance of the pad debonding.

EBC Brakes Double-H Sintered Brake Pads

  • Brake pad for fast street bikes and superbikes
  • Long life time and awesome brake effect
  • This compound works perfectly in wet or dry conditions

Double-H sintered brake pads from EBC Brakes are the flagship brake range which delivers HH rated friction. Made here in the USA in a sintering plant in Ohio, these pads will stop you fast in any conditions - wet or dry - and last longer than the organic option. If you are a racer, we recommend you use EPFA or GPFAX sintered pad ranges.

EBC Brakes SFA Organic Scooter Brake Pads

  • Top quality range of organic brake pads
  • Can be used to replace any pad type
  • For urban use on scooters

A fantastic general replacement pad option from EBC Brakes for urban use - these pads will last longer than the majority of organic aftermarket brake pads and are great value for money.

EBC Brakes SFA Double-H Sintered Scooter Pads

  • Double-H sintered formula for fast street scooter use
  • More than double the lifetime of low cost organic pads
  • Fantastic braking in both wet and dry conditions

Made in the same USA sintering plant as the Double-H series brake pads for street bike use, these pads last longer than our organic option. For use on faster and heavier scooters.


EBC Brakes GPFAX Full Race Brake Pads

  • Strictly for race use only
  • Highest friction level
  • Lifetime guarantee

This race only pad blend from EBC Brakes out performs any alternative brake pad that you can buy. They have the highest friction rating between 0.6 and 0.7 which gives amazing brake effect - this means they are unsuitable for street use with regular road tires. With zero brake fade, perfect heat stability and heat cycling, you can use these pads over several races and have confidence that they will always perform.

EBC Brakes EPFA Extreme Pro Track Day Brake Pads

  • Sintered brake pads for superbikes on the street and for track day use
  • High friction level
  • High brake effect and longer lifetime
  • Work perfectly in any conditions - wet and dry

These amazing sintered brake pads cost more than the Double-H brake pads from EBC Brakes but they are worth every cent if your budget can stretch this far! With the same outstanding benefits of the Double-H range, these pads go one step further with enhanced friction levels and more stability. Perfect for riding to the track, using during track riding and then riding home again. Another benefit is completely silent braking.

Carbon X Pads for Enduro/MX Use

  • 100% British made with high carbon content
  • Cooler braking at speed
  • Great brake effect with medium lifetime
  • For use on MX enduro bikes
  • Very popular for dry Moto-x use

Suitable for either street or off road use, these hybrid carbon impregnated pads give medium lifetime and powerful cool disc temperature braking thanks to the carbon granules used in the friction material. Popular with riders of ATV and moto-x sport bikes in dry, cleaner riding conditions or enduro streetbike use. Use EBC Brakes popular MXS sintered brake pads if you require longer life or for use in extreme mud riding or for ATV, use the R series heavy duty sintered pads.

EBC Brakes R Series Heavy Duty Sintered Brake Pads

  • ATV grade highest durability brake pads
  • Strictly not for use on the highway
  • Best for off road ATV use in muddy, wet, sandy or dusty conditions
  • Made in the USA

EBC Brakes R series sintered brake pads feature high density sintered copper formula exclusively made for the ATV off road market to give a longer lifetime.

EBC Brakes MXS Off Road Race Sintered Brake Pads

  • High friction and durability
  • Featuring SD square drive system
  • Made in the USA

These sintered moto-x brake pads are made in the USA sintering plant with long lasting sintered copper alloy. Featuring a diamond ground surface finish, these pads also include new slider pin kits where available. Perfect for off road race and sport use.

EBC Brakes SV Series ATV Severe Duty Sintered Brake Pads

  • Sintered copper alloy pads for ATV use
  • Longest life in utility applications
  • Best in wet, muddy, dusty and dirty conditions
  • Made in the USA

These sintered SV series ATV brake pads are made in the USA sintering plant with long lasting sintered copper alloy. The perfect pad if you want durability, they are also less abrasive and will not damage brake rotors.


EBC Brakes New Semi-Sintered V-Pads

  • For heavy streetbikes and cruisers
  • Eco friendly
  • Perfect replacement for either sintered or organic pads
  • Longer lifetime organic compound

This semi-sintered pad has all the best features of an organic pad but with the durability and lifetime of a sintered pad. Proven to last as long as the EBC Brakes sintered pads and even longer than cheaper aftermarket sintered alternatives. Made specifically for the classic and heavy streetbike.cruiser market.

EBC Brakes New Semi-Sintered Chrome Backed VLD Pads

  • For heavy streetbikes and cruisers
  • Featuring chrome backing plates for great looks
  • Perfect replacement for either sintered or organic pads
  • Longer lifetime organic compound

These chrome backed VLD semi-sintered brake pads from EBC Brakes feature all the same benefits as the V pads but with limited edition chrome backing plates. Made using the Nucap NRS hook retention system, these brake pads are guaranteed not to debond. NOT FOR TRACK OR RACE USE.